We will be a sustainable and decentralized organization, leader in the production and export of specialty coffees, positioning new markets, with self-sustainable bases, respectful of the environment and cultural customs.


We are a cooperative of high quality coffee producers with technical assistance services and an efficient management oriented towards sustainable development, raising the socio-economic and cultural standard of living.


The objective of the cooperative is to educate and organize the country man on the basis of the coffee activity, so that, through mutual aid, science and technology promote economic and social development in a harmonious, equitable and balance with nature.


* Technical assistance according to the phenological status of the coffee to all partners
* Training in Composting, Conservation of ecosystems and soils, organic standards, harvest and postharvest handling, organic and inorganic waste management, integrated pest management, dangerous use of pesticides, wildlife, energy use. for * Training in social norms (gender equality, non-discrimination, job security, child labor prohibited).

Cooperativa Agroecológica Industrial

Juan Santos

Our Cooperative

It was founded on October 16, 2011 with 20 partners; currently with 617 producers distributed between Pichanaki, Perené, Río Negro, Pangoa, Río Tambo and Puerto Bermúdez.
Following the rhythm of our development, expansion constructions are being carried out, all with the sole purpose of supporting our partners. Our partners have experience of more than 10 years in the cultivation of coffee, the participating partners of the PNT as a whole have 2687.53 Has of specialty coffees, whose processes have organic and fair trade certification. In this context, green gold coffee is exported to the European markets and the United States of North America. It should be noted that the organization is of recent creation, however its main strength is the human capital it has; whose indicator is the incursion in 2013 in the export market, with a participation of 0.09% of the total volume exported at the national level. The production processes have organic certification, granted by Control Union (NOP-UE) and Fair Trade certification by FLO CERT. In this context, coffee is exported to the countries of Germany and Costa Rica. The rest of the production has been sold in the national market as green coffee and in the form of washed parchment coffee. The importing companies were HACOFCO AND PANAMERICAN COFFEE. At the national level, it has been sold to the companies PROCESADORA DEL SUR S.A. and GOLDEN COFFEE PERUVIAN SAC; the second and discarded coffee has been sold to the company PROCESADORA DEL SUR S.A. and HVC. By 2014, most of its production will be destined for the export market, based on the purchase contracts signed with HACOFCO MBH and BENECKE COFFE, with which the Organization manages to ensure its annual sales. In the organizational part, it has an appropriate functional organic structure, led by a General Manager (although part-time) and in its line areas it has implemented the production, commercial and administrative area with competent professional staff with extensive experience.

General Manager

Juan Carlos Rivas Gutierrez


Skype: juancarloscafe

Cel.: (+51) 996609351


Jr. Ramón Castilla N° 336
Pichanaqui - Chanchamayo - Junín - Perú